Taher Saif, PI

Post doctoral Associate

Onur Aydin (Phd: 2021)

Living machines





PhD Students

Bashar Emon

Cancer tumor microenvironment


Md. Saddam Hossain Joy

Mechanics of neuro-muscular junctions

Umnia Doha

Mechanobiology of collective cell behavior

Ki Yun Lee

Biomechanics of exercise



Saeedur Rahman

Mind in vitro: computation with neurons




William Drennan

Mechanics of heart cells



Undergraduate research students

Reed Brockstein



Andrew Lin





Post Doctoral Associates

Zhengwei Li

Post Doctoral Associate (2017-2019)

Research: Biohybrid machines



Jagannathan Rajagopalan

Post Doctoral Associate (2009-11)

Research: Plasticity of nano grained metals/biohybrid robotics

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Materials Science

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

Graduate students

Onur Aydin (Phd: 2021)

PhD topic: Living machines

Post doc at Saif lab


Mohamed Elhebeary (PhD: 2019)

PhD topic: Brittle to ductile transition in single crystal silicon

Senior Packaging R&D Engineer at Intel, Corporation, Chandler, Arizona, United States


Fan, YungThumbnail

Anthony Fan (PhD: 2018)

PhD topic: Neuromechanics

iPhone Product Design at Apple

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Knoll Samantha_3245Dr Samantha Knoll (PhD 2016)

PhD topic: Cell-light interaction

Customer Experience Lead, New Business Models

Bayer, Chicago, Illinois, USA




Brian Williams (PhD 2016)

PhD topic: Biological machines

Equipment Intelligence engineer at Lam Research

Portland, Oregon, United States

yakutLargeDr Muhammad Yakut Ali (PhD 2015)

PhD topic: Cell Mechanics

Engineering Manager in Wafer Assembly Technology Development, Intel Corporation, Oregon, USA

sandeepThumbDr Sandeep Anand (PhD 2015)

PhD topic: Biological machines

Intel Corporation



Ali Tofangchi (PhD: 2015)

PhD topic: Neuromechanics

SPD-Lou Auto Robotics Rsch Ins, J.B. Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucy

xinThumbXin Tang (PhD: 2013)

PhD topic: Mechanics of cancer cells

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida


wylie_ahmedDr Wylie Ahmed (PhD 2012)

PhD topic: Neuromechanics

Department of Physics

California State University, Fullerton, California



Wonmo Kang (PhD 2012)

PhD topic: Nanomechanics of single crystal silicon

School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona


Jagannathan Rajagopalan (PhD 2009)

PhD topic: Plasticity of nano grained metals

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Materials Science

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

Shengyuan Yang (PhD 2007)

PhD topic: Mechanics of single living cells

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida, United States


Jonh Han (PhD 2007)

PhD topic: Mechanics of MEMS

Senior Engineer at Owens Corning

Columbus, Ohio, USA


Sathyanarayan Mani (PhD 2006)

PhD topic: MEMS

Director of Engineering at Applied Materials

Fremont, California, United States


Deepti Tiwari (MS 2005)

MS topic: Internal Friction of Resonant Micro Beams


Mark Meinhart (MS 2004)

MS topic: Mechanics of MEMS

Ford Motor Company



Marc Sulfridge (PhD 2003)

PhD topic: Mechanics of MEMS

Member of Technical Staff at ON Semiconductor

Boise, Idaho, United States


Erdem Alaca (PhD 2003)

PhD topic: Nanomechanics

Mechanical Engineering

Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey


Aman Haque (PhD 2002)

PhD topic: Nanomechanics of thin metal films

Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Pennsylvania State University


Zayd Leseman (MS 2000)

MS topic: MEMS

Department of Mechanical Engineering

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia